Turkey Burgers


Turkey burgers are a regular thing on many of my clients’ menus. They’re a good source of lean protein, and they’re easy to “dress up” with lots of flavor and minimal added calories. Some of the usual suspects are spinach and artichoke, caramelized onion and mushroom, or roasted red pepper and basil. Various fresh herbs and spice blends also amplify flavor, like ras el hanout, baharat, and berbere.

While I cook turkey burgers all the time for clients, I rarely make them for myself. Why?!! As a runner and a weight lifter, lean protein intake is my primary consideration in each meal. Last night I made myself these baharat spiced turkey burgers with caramelized onion and mushroom, on a sweet potato “bun” and with a fried egg and arugula microgreens. (Thank you Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie for the delicious microgreens samples!) They were spectacular. I ate two. 🙂

Follow me on Instagram for more pics and video of this delicious beauty!

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