Protein and Pesto

Simple pesto chicken with organic spaghetti squash and brown rice.

Simple pesto chicken with organic spaghetti squash and brown rice.

Protein has been in the news a lot lately. Products like cereal, yogurt, and even potato chips are modifying their ingredients to add or increase protein, confirming that this trend is digging in its heels for the duration. It’s not a bad thing. Ask anyone in the fitness industry about our need for protein to build and maintain muscle, and they will tell you it isn’t news at all.  The increased focus on protein of late, however, is the result of recent studies indicating just how much protein is recommended, and it’s more than many people expected.

All of my regular weekly clients want lean protein on their menus. This goes without saying with the exception of vegans or vegetarians. This means I’m cooking a lot of chicken breasts, which by themselves are pretty boring. I love fresh, bold flavors so one of my favorite ways to boost the flavor of chicken (and fish, and vegetables), is with pesto. A batch of pan seared chicken breast cutlets and a batch of pesto will have you meeting your protein needs for days.

Here are some client favorites (mine too):

Sage, Hazelnut, Ricotta Salata Pesto

Arugula Walnut Pesto

Orange, Pistachio Mint Pesto

Carrot Top Macadamia Pesto

Kale Pesto

Green Olive Pesto

Triple Herb Pesto

Just toss your chicken in the pesto before eating, along with some roasted or steamed vegetables, and enjoy!

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